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Our Initiatives

Supportive Accommodation for Cancer Patients

Battling cancer brings forth not only physical and emotional challenges but also substantial financial strains. In our dedication to alleviating these burdens, we offer a complete waiver of accommodation costs after the initial three-month stay at Medivisor House, our comfortable lodging for patients and caregivers. During the first three months, they only cover 50% of the actual accommodation expenses.

Dedicated Female Staff for Enhanced Patient Comfort

Recognizing the significance of ensuring a comfortable journey for our female patients, we exclusively assign female staff to provide on-ground assistance, fostering a nurturing and secure atmosphere throughout their medical experience. Furthermore, for cases involving female patients and attendants, we deploy female staff exclusively for airport pick-up and drop-off services. This initiative is aimed at bolstering the sense of safety and comfort for our female guests right from the outset.

Celebrating Joyful Moments

Embracing the belief that maintaining a positive environment and mindset is integral to swifter healing and recovery, we at Medivisor curate a variety of activities and events regularly. These endeavors are not only geared towards alleviating boredom but also aim to cultivate a vibrant atmosphere that positively impacts the mental and emotional well-being of our patients.

Home-Style Food

It can be challenging for patients staying in hotels to find food that suits their needs. The different cooking methods, spice levels, and excessive use of oil may not be to their liking. At Medivisor, we understand the importance of nutrition in promoting quick recovery. That's why we've launched the Medivisor Fiji Kitchen, where a chef skilled in traditional Fijian cuisine prepares authentic meals. Our homemade dishes bring the comfort of home, providing a smooth experience even during long-term treatments.

Complimentary Taj Mahal Trip

Financial limitations often hinder patients and their companions from venturing beyond the confines of their hotel and hospital. We hold the belief that visitors to India, particularly Delhi, should have the chance to experience the Taj Mahal—a renowned wonder of the world, celebrated for its timeless beauty and architectural grandeur. We are committed to ensuring that every patient, irrespective of financial constraints, has the opportunity to behold this breathtaking monument. Thus, we extend a complimentary round trip to the Taj Mahal to all our medical guests.

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