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Travel Guide

Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and hassle-free medical journey to India:

Before Departure:

  1. Check the latest Covid-19 guidelines for the origin, transit, and destination countries.

  2. Convert your currency to USD, potentially at a local forex outlet, and request 100 denomination new notes for better deals.

  3. Keep your luggage light, not exceeding 23 kg per person, and consider doing some shopping in India.

  4. Check the local temperature on Google and pack clothes accordingly.

  5. Carry a travel adaptor, as plug points in Hong Kong, Singapore, and India differ from those in Fiji.

  6. Consider bringing a neck pillow for added comfort.

  7. Load movies onto your laptop or mobile phone for entertainment during transit.

  8. Bring tin fish or local food items if desired, as they may not be readily available in India.

  9. Consult your local doctor, and if coming for surgery, stop taking aspirin and other blood thinners one day before departure.

  10. Bring all medical reports and any medical imaging CDs (angiogram, MRI, CT).

  11. Carry a glucometer and strips if needed to check sugar levels regularly; alternatively, purchase them in India.

  12. Send photos of the travelers via Viber (+919643015697) or email ( for easy identification at the airport.


At the Transit Airport:

  1. Approach the airport help desk if there's confusion about the departure terminal and/or gate.

  2. Convert 50-100 USD into Indian rupees; the rest can be exchanged in India for a better rate.


After Arriving at Delhi Airport:

  1. Request a wheelchair from airline staff if necessary.

  2. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to Airport Free WiFi.

  3. Proceed to the Medical Visa Immigration Desk if on a medical visa for a shorter passenger queue.

  4. For patients with Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), the visa will be issued upon arrival, ensuring it's an e-Medical Visa (not e-Tourist Visa).

  5. Collect your check-in baggage after crossing immigration.

  6. Approach the customs desk/officer if unsure about declaring any goods.

  7. Exit from Gate #5 or Gate #6, take a left, and wait outside KFC; our executive will have a placard of Medivisor Health.

  8. If the executive is not found, wait for some time; in case of significant delays, call 7042408473/9643015697 from a local Airtel phone booth outside Gate #5.

  9. If hungry, pick up food/snacks from the airport restaurant/food point, especially crucial if arriving at night when guest house/hotel kitchens might be closed.

Safe travels, and we look forward to assisting you on your medical journey in India. If you have any further questions or need additional support, feel free to reach out. Take care and best wishes for a successful and comfortable stay.

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