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Discuss with our doctors!

Problem not getting solved? Need an expert opinion? Discuss with our doctors face to face over a video call. They are best in their fields and may have something very good to advise. 



1. Place a request. Fill-up the query form and let us understand your requirement(s).


2. Pay the fee. The fee can be paid online into our India / Fiji account or can be deposited in our India / Fiji office. Currently, the fee is 25 USD per consultation. The payment link / details will be shared with you after we receive your consultation request. The fee will be adjusted in case you are required to come to India for the treatment. 

3. Consult the doctor. Our executive will video call you on WhatsApp / Viber on the the given day and time (this shall be communicated to you in advance) and will connect you to the concerned doctor. It will be all over to you and him from there. Let the consultation begin.

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